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The wordKhitbahis a blanket and relative word in Arabic language having multiple literal meanings and technical definitions. However, for the jurists of Islamic law of marriage which is our area of concerned, they defined the word khitbah means betrothal. This is a situation where a man chose a marital mate after following the Islamic pattern of wife selection. The selection framework includes but not limited to the followings: (1) Exhaustive investigation of the woman`s family background and orientation, this involved comprehensive details of her parental life. What they do for a living, how they socialised with the members of society etc. (2) Comprehensive survey on the woman`s way of life, her friends and associates etc. (3) Concentrated investigation of the woman`s health status, which include among others mental balance, psychological stability, physical firmness and Germ-Infested, like sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and all other dangerous communicable/transferable diseases/infections such as HIV/AIDS). (e) Personal assessment by physical interaction with the woman, this is to confirm some of the investigation reports and to ascertains the physical appearance, intelligence, natural body build-up and to a great extent to know some of her charismas and personalities. After the selection, if the man ascertained that they are compatible to each other. That is to say the woman is Muslim like him orKitabiyyah (Jews/Christian). She is also a chaste and righteous and she is not among the prohibited categories of women to marry (germane, consanguine and uttering sisters etc.)Thereafter, the khitbahdeclaration would follow, the man would declare his intention and desire to marry the woman to her parents/guardians