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Islam has prescribed divorce as the last resort of a troubled marriage and has laid down rules and regulations to govern this act. In Igalaland, however, new practices are evolving and Muslims tend to digress from the actual teachings of Islam as regards divorce. This qualitative research is an examination of the practice of divorce as is obtained in Igalaland, Kogi State, Nigeria. Data was collected primarily by interviewing divorcees and analysing shari’ah court cases. The causes of divorce have been attributed to issues arising from the husband, the wife and the society at large. The negative effects of divorce were analysed with a view to deterring those who intend to divorce on frivolous grounds. The correct application of the Islamic systems of Talaq and ‘iddah when the need arises were identified as the major tools in reclaiming the Muslims from their present predicament. The pragmatic solutions offered by Islam were discussed. Recommendations were made on the need for couples to seek Allah's counsel before consenting to marriage proposal and to do everything possible in a permissible manner to see that their marriages work. But in a situation where it is certain that things would never go well, they should not be ashamed to take the bold step and walk out of the marriage in the manner prescribed by Islam, thus safe-guarding their sanity and by extension the peace of the society