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This book, “MY CAMPUS CULT DIARY”, conveys the ideas
and understanding that came from my observation and
reflections. The book is an independent and original research
in which the frontiers of knowledge on the topic have been
investigated and extended. The sole purpose of the book is to
contribute to the demystification of the problems, by
challenging old myth with new fact. This book was not written
to serve as a text book for students, as some tertiary institutions
lecturers had erroneously concluded, rather it is intended to
be a collection of information about the campus cult menace
for those in government, school administration, students and
parents. I do hope the readers view it from that perspective.
The book deals with the story of a medical student who
joined the campus cults and how his life took a spiral
downwards turn for the worst. The story reveals the fears,
frustrations and set-backs that are the daily companion of the
average Nigerian tertiary institution cult member. The life and
times of Sanu Sumah showed that the cult member was a victim
in an organized crime gang. The story also showed what the
average Nigerian cult member goes through in our tertiary
institutions in trying to acquire a degree.
The book has critically looked at the relationship between
the Campus Cults and the youthanize belligerent problem in
Nigeria, the mindless looting of the treasury of the nation, and
the realization that there would be no end to the youthanize
belligerent problem in Nigeria until the leaders of the country
start having milk of human kindness.
This book deals extensively on five major campus confraternities of old, namely; the Pyrates, Buccaneers, Eiye,
Black-Axe and the Mafia Confraternities and arrived at the
conclusion that it was only the substructure operations of the Mafia Confraternity that could have succeeded in mobilizing
mass support in communal upheaval. Therefore, this
investigation dealt more on the mode of operation of the
substructure operations of the Family Fraternity and its
resultant fall-out into splinter groups in Youthanize belligerent
problems in Nigeria. In the early 2000s, the tertiary institutions
and the Federal Government were competing against
themselves in deceiving the whole nation on the issue of the
campus cult’s menace. These tertiary institutions were busy
collecting millions of naira from the government by parading
some third rated ‘actors’ on the television as repentant campus
cult members. They paraded these actors cum campus cult
members with guns, machetes, knives and even grenades, and
the other entire arsenal that the authorities could assemble on
television to deceive the general public that they were
succeeding in its war to eradicate the tertiary institutions of
the menace of the Campus Cults, but actually what they were
doing was insulting the sensibilities of the Cult members.